2022: time to focus on what really matters to your business

2022: time to focus on what really matters to your business


The New Year is a time for reflection on the year gone by – both your business’s achievements and missed opportunities. With this comes a sense of new beginnings – and we have an age-old tradition that helps us put our good intentions into practice: New Year’s resolutions.

In your search for a dynamic approach to developing and delivering your IT strategy in the months ahead, your top resolution should read something like this: “we will focus on a select few goals that we believe matter the most for our business.” By zeroing in on the important stuff and allocating your resources accordingly, you won’t be waylaid trying to multi-task.

C-level executives are sometimes guilty of attempting to spin too many plates. Instead of focusing resources on doing a few vital things properly, they get caught in the trap of trying to do too much at once – to the detriment of project delivery. If your business falls into this bracket, you should take a leaf out of Warren Buffett’s book.

The 5/25 rule

Warren Buffet – one of the most successful businessmen of all-time – advises professionals to follow his simple technique for prioritising goals: an exercise used to focus on your most valued aims – the activities that seem most meaningful to your business.


His productivity strategy involves three simple steps:

  1. Write down a list of your top 25 business goa