Happy Birthday Alan Turing: The Father of Modern Computing

Happy Birthday Alan Turing:
The Father of Modern Computing

Winston Churchill’s rousing – and iconic – speeches during World War II secured his place in history as the flag bearer for good triumphing over evil. But there is someone else whose contribution to the allied forces victory went unnoticed for decades: Alan Mathison Turing.

Not only did his brilliance turn the direction of the war in Britain’s favour and hasten its end, in doing so it saved millions of lives. That alone would be enough of a legacy to stand shoulder to shoulder with some of history’s most celebrated figures – but he was not done there. His vision – and undoubted genius – paved the way for modern computing and produced pioneering insights into what has become known as “artificial intelligence.”

To mark what would be his 110th birthday on 23 June, TDM Group is celebrating the life of this national treasure, whose brilliance is still felt today.

Turing’s power to change the world for the better through innovation inspires us in everything we do at TDM Group.

To recognise this, we commissioned a painting of him, which hangs proudly in our office, reminding us of the awe-inspiring achievements of one of the most powerful thinkers of the 20th century.