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Go Home! The New Business Continuity Occasionally, a trend emerges that disrupts convention and transforms the entire digital sphere – from eCommerce in the 1990s to artificial intelligence and machine learning this century. Another seismic trend began to take shape during pandemic-induced lockdowns, sending shockwaves throughout
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Holistic IT Management and Implementing Change: What Makes M-BiTS Effective? All too often businesses fall into the trap of relying on slogans without strategy. Yes, buzzwords can be a great tool for grabbing people’s attention, but they are often confusing and lack substance – leaving them
SASE for WAN Performance, Security and More! Numerous businesses demand enhanced visibility and control over their WAN network connections, which involve remote offices and workers. However, accomplishing this without compromising security or creating an overly complicated network requires a team of specialised network experts. To connect
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Why digital transformations fail - thumbnail
Why digital transformations fail Digital transformation has evolved into an essential process for any business that wants to remain competitive in today’s dynamic digital economy. According to IBM: “Digital transformation takes a customer-driven, digital-first approach to all aspects of a business, from its business models to
Fractional CIO: Helping SMEs Leverage Technology in the Pursuit of Growth The saying “work smarter, not harder” rings true when applied to the IT department of almost every small and medium-sized enterprise (SME). Businesses of this size are often hamstrung by a common constraint that makes
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Embrace a cloud-first strategy – and underpin it with SaaS A cloud-first strategy hasn’t appeared on corporate agendas overnight. This forward-thinking approach to computing was gaining traction before society was blindsided by the pandemic. However, the reality check provided to businesses by lockdowns and enforced homeworking
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Digital transformation: how it can improve your business From remote working to leveraging digital data, technology underpins impactful business models – but it won’t harness itself. So, how do businesses implement technology to create new – or modify existing – processes, culture, and customer experiences amid
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2022: time to focus on what really matters to your business The New Year is a time for reflection on the year gone by – both your business’s achievements and missed opportunities. With this comes a sense of new beginnings – and we have an age-old
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Have businesses learnt from the rapid spread of cybercrime? The rapid propagation of cybercrime has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic since its full effect was first felt in March 2020. How did we get to this inflection point? The first cyber-attack to hit the headlines
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Happy Birthday Alan Turing: The Father of Modern Computing Winston Churchill’s rousing – and iconic – speeches during World War II secured his place in history as the flag bearer for good triumphing over evil. But there is someone else whose contribution to the allied forces
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MSP + Business = M-BiTS Professor and prolific author in the field of Leadership, Lee Bolman (Ph.D. in Organisational Behaviour) knows a thing or two about helping C-level executives get a better handle on what’s going on, see more possibilities and achieve their goals. He’s also
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Has your IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) delivered during the pandemic? The sudden announcement of Covid lockdown restrictions probably blindsided your business last year – and you weren’t the only ones. Following this period of huge upheaval that triggered unprecedented change, business practices have been completely
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2020: Out of Adversity Comes Opportunity As Big Ben struck midnight and we toasted the new year, businesses held high hopes for 2020. Meanwhile, in China a strange new virus had begun to spread. As one countdown ended, the clock was quietly ticking to the time
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TDM Group delves into their history to celebrate National Roots Day In a year driven by innovation, change and togetherness, the 23rd December marks inclusivity and the difference of backgrounds within families across the world. In honour of Roots Day this year, we at TDM Group
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Homeworking is here to stay – how to make it work for your business Homeworking was already a rapidly growing trend before the Covid-19 pandemic reshaped the workplace landscape. With the traditional nine-to-five routine and time-consuming commute becoming incompatible with modern workers busy lives, many of
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