ddos protection
Escalating commercial property rates force businesses into the firing line of cyberattacks DDoS isn’t the latest online clothing store. Distributed denial of service (DDoS) is, however, a very real threat for anyone selling goods online. Unless you take the necessary precautions, this type of cyberattack
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Cloud Migration Strategy
Why your cloud migration strategy should consider the risks as well as the rewards? Let’s spare a thought for IT decision-makers. These gatekeepers of an organisation’s technology have a lot on their mind, as they attempt to juggle different elements of the IT procurement process:
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Windows server 2008 eol
Don’t delay! Plan for Windows Server 2008 end of life today Businesses can’t afford to live purely in the moment. The ability to plan ahead is often what sets successful organisations apart. By bringing the future into the present, you can do something about it
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Email Security Awareness
Email Security Awareness & Best Practices Email Security has always been a priority for all businesses; it is a collective measure to secure the access and content of email accounts. As important as enterprises and companies having protective software against such attacks; it’s critical for
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Windows 7 eol
Why Windows 7 eol “end of life” should be on your business’s radar? Over the last 40 years, the development of personal computer (PC) technology has been rapid, to say the least. When it comes to operating systems, however, we haven’t always been willing to
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TDM Group and War Child UK
TDM Group and War Child UK – Annual Charity Campaign War Child UK protects, educates and stands up for the rights of children caught up in war. We are proud to support War Child UK as our chosen charity partner, and we are dedicated to
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