Managed Business IT Services

Improving business performance with IT services

You’re not just outsourcing your IT functions, you’re relieving yourself of the management, organisation and headaches that go with it. Technology is critical to businesses of every size and its successful management can deliver greater efficiency, new competitive advantages and higher levels of performance to your business.

Pain points TDM Group can eliminate

Unsupported Users

Are your staff left without the support they need to remain productive?

Business Change

Do you lack the internal ability to successfully deliver new IT initiatives and projects?

Security Fears

Worried that your business is at risk from unsecured systems, devices and PC’s?

Dedicated Skills

Looking for expert skills without the overhead of an in-house IT team?

Slow Business Apps

Are critical applications under-performing or not optimised for your users?

Wasted Money

Are you concerned about bloated IT budget and want to find new cost efficiencies?

Neglected Network

Is your IT network slow and holding back your business performance?

Unsupported Devices

Are there security risks to your business from unmanaged devices & BYOD?

Data Concerns

Are compliance issues or growing data costs affecting your business?

Why choose our professional IT services?

Turning IT into strategic asset

Road-map the future of your business with us and use our expert professional services to achieve your objectives. Plan your future activities confidently, with the full visibility we provide you over your IT systems and current level of investment. Where future IT investment is required, we provide you with the information and expert recommendations you need to make informed decisions.

Whether it’s replacing legacy hardware, rolling out new software across your user base, or opening new office locations, TDM Group specialises in providing the expert consultancy and project delivery that enables your business to achieve its objectives with the most efficient IT investment possible.

Your on-demand IT team

SmartSupport increases the range of IT skills and resources available to your business, without the overhead costs and resource required to assemble and manage an in-house IT team. Your business has access to the very latest enterprise technology, consultancy and managed IT support services, all tailored to your exact business requirements.

Your solution is billed on a straightforward, monthly basis with no hidden costs or financial surprises. Enabling you to forecast with predictable budgeting and ensuring you get the best return from your IT investment.

Improve confidence in IT

IT can be seen by other departments in our business as blocker to change or gatekeepers of technology, able to de-rail projects or add unwanted delay to positive business change.

TDM Group deliver expert IT support at user level, a stable and efficient IT infrastructure, as well as departmental management and reporting at board level. By satisfying these objectives, we enable your IT function to support all departments and users in achieving their own objectives, starting a cycle of success that benefits the whole of your business.

Stability, security and reliability

A solid foundation of IT services is invaluable, but many businesses struggle to achieve the stability and reliability they need.

Our professional IT services are used to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities, to give expert recommendations and advice on how to resolve these pain points, and to help implement these changes using our project office.

Contact us for strategic IT advice

How we helped customers?

Having an outsourced solution from TDM Group enables us to focus our energies on running a successful operation. If something does come up, SmartSupport responds very quickly, even at the weekend. The service is very reliable and they are always friendly and helpful. I’ve been very impressed. It’s an example of how they’ve been a great partner over the years. We’re very happy with the relationship. No one can match TDM Group for reliability and willingness to support us in trying new things.

(Customer since 2002)

TDM Group take on many of the day-to-day headaches and we have the confidence of knowing that the environment on which we rely is in safe hands. We can take it for granted that everything will work, and are able to focus on our business and clients. for me personally, knowing they’re always there to help makes life less stressful.

(Customer since 2012)

TDM Group has helped us to move to a cloud-based model of IT. Our team all need secure access to familiar Microsoft Office tools to collaborate and share information on the move. Replacing desktop applications with Office 365 gives us all the advantages of having easy access to up-to-date software, wherever they happen to be working.”

(Customer since 2015)