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Business IT services that drive your business forward

TDM Group is an IT services company. We recognise that there’s more to managed IT services than supporting existing business processes; they should be delivered using a holistic approach to technology that looks beyond the IT department – and considers its impact on the entire organisation.

This business-focused mindset has allowed us to break the mould in an industry that is saturated with IT suppliers that lack the scope to think holistically. By working with you as your IT partner, we can help you embrace technology’s potential to drive your business forward.

Our managed IT services are not limited to technical know-how and a comprehensive infrastructure; using our strong business acumen we will work in partnership with you to harness the power of technology to act as a business enabler. We call this our Managed Business IT Service (M-BiTS).


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Managed Business IT Services

M-BiTS evolved from the practice of using third-party IT services to assume the responsibility of a defined set of day-to-day management services in isolation. These suppliers of vital IT services have the potential to add value to the daily operation of their client’s IT department. However, in isolation, they often lack the foresight required to implement a comprehensive strategy that delivers relevant IT services within the context of the business – not just from a technology perspective.

M-BiTS augments these traditional IT services by applying a holistic approach to managing IT operations that considers the impact technology has on the entire organisation. This forward-thinking philosophy facilitates the implementation of innovative organisational change that adds business value – without losing sight of the need to support IT services that facilitate existing business processes.

Three key elements provide M-BiTS with the scope to add value to your business:


It is underpinned by people – who are considered at every stage of the IT process


It considers the impact technology has on the entire organisation – not just the IT department


It recognises that there is more to IT than just technology – data & process are vital building blocks that must also be balanced with the human element

Goodbye-to-IT- Pain-Point

Wave Goodbye to IT Pain Points With M-BiTS

M-BiTS does more than just address typical IT-related pain points;
it can help you drive your business forward:

Business-growthBusiness growth

M-BiTS considers technology’s impact on a range of crucial factors, such as business development, business operations and how that impacts the bottom line.

Business-strategyBusiness strategy

M-BiTS facilitates a comprehensive strategy that delivers relevant managed IT services within the context of the business – not just from a technology perspective.

Wasted-moneyWasted money

M-BiTS helps to focus your IT budget so you can continue managing vital day-to-day IT services effectively and harness the power of technology to drive your business forward.

Business-changeBusiness change

M-BiTS is a holistic approach to implementing organisational change that adds business value.

Cost-centreCost centre

By helping your business realise technology’s true potential, M-BiTS can transform your IT department from a cost centre – an essential function that doesn’t directly add to profit but still costs the business money to operate – to a business enabler.

We provide the foundations for a successful business


24/7 IT Support Services

We deliver comprehensive IT support services for your business round the clock, providing you with a flexible and available work environment – and helping you achieve your goals cost effectively and securely.

The big benefits of outsourced user support

Solving everyday user issues
Managing user workspaces
Devices & hardware

IT Infrastructure Management

Whether it’s on your premise or via our data suites, we deliver comprehensive IT Infrastructure management solutions for your business. Our service includes 24/7 monitoring and the day-to-day maintenance your infrastructure requires.

Why Outsourcing IT Infrastructure Management benefits you

Time and focus
Always available
Cost efficient
managed IT infrastructure solutions
IT Department Support

IT Department Support

Our IT department support helps focus your IT resources by managing essential elements of the IT process on your behalf, allowing you to concentrate on running your business. Our services extend to assisting with business change and delivering IT projects from inception to completion, within timescales and budget.

Our IT Department Support specialises in adding value to your team, filling the gaps where risk and requirement exist

Supplement and support
Consult and collaborate
Implement business change

IT Strategy and Consultancy

Our IT strategy and consultancy team combine technical knowledge with a strong understanding of how technology can directly impact productivity and revenue. This holistic approach helps your IT department to better serve your business.

We specialise in adding value to your business, filling the gaps where risk and requirement exist

Technical consultancy
Strategy and planning
Professional IT governance
Professional services yellow icon

Business Change Management

We understand that small changes to your business can create big problems. Therefore, you will benefit from a professional IT programme and comprehensive project management services, backed by industry-leading expertise and experience.

We believe change is for the better, but managed change is for the best

Your on-demand team
Experience and understanding
Transparent costs, clear delivery

Security and Risk Management

TDM Group has partnered with world-class vendors to safeguard your business from both external threats and internal vulnerabilities. Our portfolio of security solutions offers automated protection of essential business systems, such as email and web-based operations; while our 24/7 SmartSupport team provide you with round the clock dedicated support.

In a world where threats to your business can come from anywhere, we provide protection unique to your requirements

Security and Risk analysis
Business availability
Policy and procedure
Security and risk management yellow

5 Reasons to Choose TDM Group

Business-partnerBusiness partner

We are more than just an IT support provider; we combine our technical know-how with our strong business acumen.

Holistic-approachHolistic approach

We consider the impact technology has on your entire organisation – so you can achieve innovation and success.

Passion-for-innovationPassion for innovation

We recognise there’s more to IT than simply supporting existing business processes; it has the potential to define and dictate your business’s success.

Powered-by-peoplePowered by people

We believe that successful innovation is underpinned by people.

Big-enough-to-deliver-small-enough-to-careBig enough to deliver, small enough to care

We have the knowledge, experience and infrastructure required to help you achieve innovation and success. Our business-focused philosophy means we’re not just another IT provider.

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