IT Department Support

IT Department Support

IT Department Support can complement and augment your in-house IT team

A skilled internal IT team is a valuable asset for any business, but too often the wide range of skills and resources required leaves the team spread too thin, unable to deliver on all that the business demands. Our bespoke IT department support services enhance your business’s IT function by deploying our skills and experience to focus its resources.

Our IT department support specialises in helping IT teams focus their resources and energies by fulfilling some of their duties. Sometimes it’s a lack of experience or skill that we can fulfil, or we can manage some of the lesser, more repetitive tasks for the department to enable them to be free and focused on more valuable areas of the business.

Our services also extends to assisting with business change and IT projects. Instead of tasking the internal team to deliver projects and potentially detracting from the day-to-day, IT needs of the business, our consultancy and project management teams can deliver projects from inception to completion, on budget and within your timescales.

Our IT Department Support specialises in adding value to your team, filling the gaps where risk and requirement exist

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Supplement and support

24/7 multi-tiered support for your users, your infrastructure or your team. Wherever you need support.

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Consult and collaborate

We can help you identify and manage risk, consult on new and progressive technologies, and assist you in planning for the future.

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Implement business change

Ensure positive business change and the successful delivery of IT projects, with our project management team and on-demand IT experts.

A full range of services adding value wherever you require it.

On-demand IT support

Skilled product and service specialists at your disposal whenever you need them. Increase the range of skills and resources available to you.

An optimised IT department Support

We understand IT department and can assist you in managing the processes, reporting and administrative resources you need.

Expert consultancy

We’re here to help you roadmap the future with expert advice, proof of concepts and decades of experience in managed business change.

Valuable visibility

Enjoy a new level of visibility over your IT assets and environment with our range of audit and diagnostic tools. Clearly manage risk and the health of your infrastructure.

Managed business change

Experienced and dedicated project management teams that specialise in the delivery of your IT initiatives on budget and on time.

Fixed & predictable costs

No budget surprises, no bloated IT spend. Our services bolt-on to your department at fixed monthly cost or as one pre-agreed project price.