Brital Case Study

TDM Group Guarantees seamless and secure IT infrastructure for global water filtration, Brita Water


Company profile

Brita Water is a global provider of water filtration solutions for both B2B and B2C markets across 70 countries. Founded in Germany in 1966, Brita has established itself as a market-leading brand that offers premium water filtration solutions for any environment. The company’s commitment to sustainability is achieved by developing dispensers that cut out the waste and emissions associated with the manufacturing, transporting, and disposing of single-use bottles.

Communication and collaboration across all departments and country lines underpin the Brita culture.

Deliver seamless and secure IT infrastructure

Since partnering with Brita Water and overhauling the company’s IT infrastructure of Brita Water, TDM Group has bolstered security and streamlined efficiency for day-to-day business operations.

Phillip Boxall, Chief Finance Officer at Brita Water commented: “Our partnership with TDM Group was born out of TDM Group acquiring our previous managed service provider (MSP). Once TDM Group stepped in, we conducted an initial review of their business against a number of other competitors. We found that TDM Group’s offering and services were the strongest in terms of value for money for Brita Water.

“For a business the size of Brita, IT plays a critical role on a day-to-day basis. If IT is not working, then we simply cannot do business. TDM Group recognised this from day one.

Before our partnership with TDM Group, we would typically refresh our IT equipment and software every five to ten years. Since working with TDM Group, we have realised just how important it is to ensure our business is operating with the latest IT offerings available.

How TDM Group supports


IT strategic partner
Unique managed service provider who ensures Brita Water continues to deliver quality filtration solutions by harnessing IT as a service.

Enhanced security and business continuity
TDM Group has bolstered security and streamlined efficiency for day-to-day business operations. And Increases speed and efficiency to deliver better business operations.

Consultative approach
TDM Group wanted to gain a better understanding of the IT estate in order to maximise the business operations.

Improve performance with M-BiTS

Addressing IT Vulnerabilities – Improving productivity and security

“TDM Group addressed our IT vulnerabilities by collaborating alongside Brita Group Germany. Our German entity and our new M-BiTS partner came together and upgraded firewalls, authentication features, servers and hardware across Brita’s UK sites. Not only did these measures ensure Brita’s cybersecurity received a well-needed revamp, but we found that speed and efficiency were also increased to deliver better business operations, which were delivered seamlessly.

“It was clear from the start that TDM Group wanted to gain a better understanding of our IT estate to maximise our business operations. Another effective action from TDM Group was to streamline the connection between Brita’s three UK sites. These sites were previously connected via three separate VPN tunnels when, in fact, one VPN tunnel was enough for the job. TDM Group identified this waste as costly and inefficient, and now our UK sites are operating more concisely and cost-effectively.

“The value we receive from TDM Group is not restricted to our UK operations. Our HQ in Germany has always functioned on a separate domain to Brita UK. TDM Group has overhauled this aspect of our IT infrastructure and is now migrating both domains under one unified ‘’ site. Entering into a partnership with such an innovative and business-focused MSP has been a breath of fresh air for Brita. We look forward to progressing Brita Water’s growth into the future with the help of TDM Group’s business-focused approach to IT services” concludes Boxall.

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”It was clear from the start that TDM Group wanted to gain a better understanding of our IT estate to maximise our business operations”

Phillip Boxall, Chief Finance Officer at Brita Water

Constantly improving Brita IT Infrastructure

Tarek Meliti, Founder of TDM Group, adds: “We are really happy to be in partnership with a respected global household name such as Brita Water. A company of this size relies heavily on its IT infrastructure and estate, not only from a business perspective, but also in terms of security. Since working with Brita Water, they have been receptive and understanding to our unique approach to IT services. The team at Brita Water value our expertise, helping Brita to become a more efficient and secure business through the partnership. We look forward to innovating Brita Water’s IT infrastructure for the foreseeable future, as they continue to deliver quality water filtration solutions across the globe.”