Why outsource your IT projects?

    You might feel that controlling your own IT projects and initiatives is the best way to ensure their success, but there are some compelling reasons to hand these critical business changes over to a specialist managed service provider (MSP). Whether acting as advisers and consultants to your internal team, or managing an entire business change project from planning and delivery to communications and stakeholder engagement, an MSP can bring you the protection of professional of programme & project management backed by industry-leading ... Read more

Should you move your IT investment to an OpEx model?

  IT investments are large, expensive and critical to how a business operates and remains productive. So what is the best way to pay for them and get the most value out of your investment? Using a Managed Services Provider (MSP) has become an attractive OpEx model for IT costs over the last decade because using such a supplier delivers on-demand IT infrastructure as a consumable resource to the business. This allows you to scale up and down very quickly and cost-effectively, delivering ... Read more