Digital transformation and how can it improve your business

Digital transformation and how can it improve your business


With technology suddenly forced to the apex of business models, digital transformations have accelerated during the pandemic from an onerous overhaul of operations that lacked buy-in into collaborative innovation projects that are efficient and timely – and it’s down to the C-suite to champion them and ensure they are embraced by the business.

Was 2020 the year that digital transformation became a core deliverable for most businesses, with departments aligned to deliver them successfully? This rethinking of how an organisation uses technology, people and processes to improve business models and performance became a critical and accelerating factor during the pandemic; but it would be remiss to assume that all digital transformations were rudderless before this inflection point – sometimes they lacked the necessary speed of delivery and company-wide adoption.

What the pandemic – and its subsequent impact on businesses – has done is precipitate a change in working models, corporate behaviour, and customer expectations, forcing the C-suite to recalibrate its approach to the adoption of digital technology.

Pandemic-fuelled digital acceleration

Pre-pandemic, digital transformation was typically viewed as a lengthy major overhaul of operations. Deterred by this, some businesses created technology roadmaps without a strategic theme: they signalled an intention to become digital, but it wasn’t a board priority who viewed it as an IT project, not as part of the business strategy.