Domain Registration Services

IT Department Support

Delivering on the details that make your IT service

Domain registration is part of the necessary IT fabric of many businesses, whether thats managing your own company website domain, or a larger range of domains on behalf of your customers. Whilst it is a key component of any website, it can often be forgotten about or left until the last minute and renewed in a panic!

SmartSupport doesn’t just cover your business with critical IT services, it also manages the lesser, more repetitive tasks for your IT department to enable them to be free and focused on more valuable areas of the business. The SmartSupport service desk manages all your domain renewals, purchases, transfers and administration tasks. You’ll never have to worry about missing a domain renewal with our automated notifications and dedicated Account Managers, all part of your inclusive SmartSupport service.

The SmartSupport service desk is available 24/7 and any issues, enquiries and will be responded within the strict SLAs that covers the entire SmartSupport service. All enquiries, complaints and questions from our customers are responded to within 24 hours. For further information on domain registration management contact us.