Embrace a cloud-first strategy – and underpin it with SaaS

Embrace a cloud-first strategy –
and underpin it with SaaS


A cloud-first strategy hasn’t appeared on corporate agendas overnight. This forward-thinking approach to computing was gaining traction before society was blindsided by the pandemic. However, the reality check provided to businesses by lockdowns and enforced homeworking has expedited its adoption – making it a critical and accelerating factor.

Today, businesses must be bold when attempting to leverage the cloud. This means making the right technology investments at the right time on the right platforms to reduce cost, enhance security and improve performance – which requires a strategy that provides a clear direction for leveraging the cloud to meet business objectives. A cloud-first strategy has subsequently been thrust to the top of the corporate agenda – a shift that has been accelerated by the pandemic because cloud-based solutions cater better for the new business models.

What is a cloud-first strategy?

A cloud-first strategy encourages org