Our Infrastructure

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Our infrastructure, powering your business

Our infrastructure is the foundation for a wide range of services that deliver exceptional availability and flexibility for business critical systems, websites and applications.

By offering you a commercially flexible service that can scale to meet your changing business requirements, we can allow you to meet rapid growth and peaks in demand while still controlling costs and maintaining efficiency. Every service is hosted on a unified infrastructure, delivered across geographically separate data centres but functioning as one highly redundant entity.

Smart design, exceptional performance

We operate best-in-class data centre suites, built with hardware from our technical partnerships with industry leading suppliers. Every solution is comprehensively monitored across all layers and this monitoring system is integrated into our 24×7, ITIL compliant SmartSupport service desk.

Infrastructure design

Key infrastructure features

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Every service is created with ring-fenced resources, ensuring that our infrastructure is never over-subscribed or suffers from lack of capacity and that your service is always fully responsive.

Our enterprise storage options provide flexible, highly functional storage capability. We have Layer 3 switches which can handle 1-10Gbps, these are included as part of your service. Shared content load balancing is available as a specific service and can be configured to your bespoke requirements.

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Our services are provided through shared, dual fail-over firewalls with IDS built in. Dedicated firewalls can also be provisioned if required. Higher level IDS/IPS and DDOS systems are also available.

Every service has its own VLAN based on a fixed IP, further VLAN’s are available if required. SSL certification can be provided to your specification should you require and all our services are protected by anti-virus software, updated daily.

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Automatic replication

An infrastructure service from us combines enterprise level performance with resilient replication and disaster recovery as a single service. Your data is replicated to a second data centre as standard.

In the event of a business-affecting incident, your service will be recreated in a second data centre. This ensures you have built-in resiliency against loss of service and availability.

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Connectivity and network resilience are key parts of every service we offer. Our commitment to uptime and our highly resilient network means that every service we provide meets exceptionally high standards.

We use Border Gateway Patrol (BGP) to route IP traffic across multiple pathways. BGP will be aware of all the possible routes available and will calculate the most efficient routes for a particular destination.

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Monitoring and management

We use a wide range of monitoring and reporting tools on all our infrastructure components, servers and services. Alerts are always logged into our ITIL compliant, 24×7 SmartSupport service desk and can also be sent by e-mail or SMS direct to customers.

We also operate two Service Operation Centre’s (SOC’s) in different locations, each of the centres receives every alert. Additionally, we offer automated user level monitoring of websites to ensure they are operating to levels matching your expectations.

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Resilience as standard

Our SmartZone design brings enhanced redundancy and resilience to all of our services. All hardware is clustered and redundant to ensure there is no single point of hardware failure.

Redundancy settings within our SmartZones ensure that if one of your virtual machines fail, it is automatically restarted on another host within the same zone. If a more serious problem occurs and a zone fails, the entire zone is restarted in a second data centre.

Our unique SmartZone design

The devil is in the detail, and so is the resilience…

All of our expertise, knowledge and over two decades of managed infrastructure experience have gone into the creation of our own unique SmartZones.

We take infrastructure design a step further than standard Infrastructure-as-a-Service companies by focusing on the key factors that influence performance and availability, and creating zonal architecture that prioritises stand-alone resilience and ‘service-centric’ performance.

In essence, your service with us will never suffer from being mixed with other customer’s infrastructure. Every element of the infrastructure that powers it is ‘zoned’ and insulated against any kind of shared resource. This mature infrastructure architecture also delivers an exceptional redundancy setup as standard by monitoring any issues or failures at key infrastructure layers and automatically enacting failover processes.

For instance, if for any reason one of your virtual machines fails, it is automatically restarted on another host within the same zone. If a more serious problem occurs and a zone fails, the entire zone is restarted in our second data centre. This leverages the full extent of our data centre estate to give our customers incredible service protection as standard.

SmartZone design