Should you move your IT investment to an OpEx model?



IT investments are large, expensive and critical to how a business operates and remains productive. So what is the best way to pay for them and get the most value out of your investment?

Using a Managed Services Provider (MSP) has become an attractive OpEx model for IT costs over the last decade because using such a supplier delivers on-demand IT infrastructure as a consumable resource to the business. This allows you to scale up and down very quickly and cost-effectively, delivering a lean IT budget that allows your business to be very agile and re-active to change.

The MSP model allows you to provision new, live, IT resources with a simple phone call, adding additional capacity and power within the hour and only ever paying for what is used. The overheads are carried by the MSP while your business benefits from IT resources that can shrink and grow directly with the demands and requirements of your business or your customers.

Is this the solution for your business, or does it make more sense for you to make a larger capital investment up front and depreciate the cost over its lifecycle? For more information and details on the Capex vs Opex debate read our SmartGuide on the subject, or get in touch to see how these models can apply directly to your business.