IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing is a partnership

Outsourcing is a partnership, one that removes pain points and fills gaps in your business

Our bespoke business IT outsourcing model is designed to provide support and resource to improve your business and its ability to deliver exceptional IT support services to its users, its customers and its stakeholders.

Whether you need a fully managed help desk function to support your staff, expert management and support for your critical applications or you want to outsource your entire IT department, TDM Group delivers a high quality service that allows you to concentrate on your business objectives without worrying about ongoing IT issues.

Improve your business performance and eliminate pain-points

Neglected Network

Is your IT network slow & holding back your business performance?

Business Change

Do you lack the internal ability to successfully deliver new IT initiatives & projects?

Security Fears

Worried that your business is at risk from unsecured systems, devices & PC’s?

Unsupported Users

Are your staff left without the support they need to remain productive?

Growing Pains

Expanding to new office locations & looking for move support & management?

Wasted Money

Are you concerned about a bloated IT budget & want to find new cost efficiencies?

Slow Business Apps

Are critical applications under-performing or not optimised for your users?

Unmanaged Assets

Are unmanaged assets & licensing costs increasing your IT spend?

Data Concerns

Are compliance issues or growing data costs affecting your business?

We provide the foundations for a successfull business


Supported and productive users

Supporting the IT requirements of your workforce is key to delivering higher productivity and improved business performance. The modern workforce has a wide range of diverse IT requirements and demands a professional and effective support network.

TDM Group balances your requirements for a flexible, mobile and always available work environment, with your business’s need for standardisation, cost control and security. We provide expert user support that introduces new economies of scale, improves response time and resolution speed, and manages the successful delivery and maintenance of the technology your users need.

A 24/7 IT support service, always available to your users
SLA defined response times, getting your users back to business as usual
Fully managed workstations - PC's, laptops, mobile devices and telephones
Support for key business applications, software and office tools

Professionally managed IT infrastructure

We deliver fully managed IT infrastructure solutions that provide expert monitoring and management of your IT environments, whether located on your premises or within our resilient data centre suites.

We pro-actively monitor the performance of your IT environment 24/7, as well as managing the day-to-day maintenance your infrastructure requires for exceptional ongoing performance.

You can concentrate on your business, safe in the knowledge that your IT infrastructure is being expertly managed.

Efficient server management and maintenance 24/7
Pro-active management of the security and resilience of your network
Smooth and efficient delivery of business applications and tools
Management of data storage, backup and DR processes
managed IT infrastructure solutions
Professional services yellow icon

Professional services and managed business change

A solid foundation of IT services is invaluable, but many businesses struggle to achieve the stability and reliability they need.

Our professional IT services are used to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities, to give expert recommendations and advice on how to resolve these pain points, and to help implement these changes.

Our professional services help you stay ahead of potential risks and allow you position your business to take advantage of developing trends and opportunities for competitive advantage.

Expert consultancy and analysis for your IT environment, budget and strategy
Protecting your business against risk, ongoing security threats and ensuring compliance
Aligning IT closer to corporate strategy, ensuring that IT investments generate business value
Delivering business change through professionally managed IT projects and initiatives

On-demand resources to support your IT department 

We support existing IT departments by augmenting and improving the level of IT service they can currently deliver. We supplement, support, consult and collaborate.

Our services integrate directly with your teams to free them from the overhead of infrastructure maintenance or user support, allowing them to concentrate directly on key business objectives.

Our SmartSupport services deliver a wide range of IT support and technology expertise, on demand to your business. SmartSupport is a dedicated resource that can work as an extension of your in-hosue IT team, at a fixed and predictable cost

On-demand IT specialists for instant expertise
Consultancy that introduces IT process, reporting and planning
Managing repetitive daily tasks like server maintenance and data backup
Fixed monthly costs that are predictable and dependable
IT Department Support
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How can outsourcing improve your business?

Book an IT Health Check with us to understand where we can add value, bring new efficiencies and save you money.

No cost, no obligation, just expert IT advice for your business.