Managed Cloud Services


Bring cloud benefits to your business

Private, public or hybrid – whichever type of cloud you choose needs to be effectively managed.

The efficiencies and cost savings you gain from cloud technology can easily evaporate, through the time and resources spent juggling the responsibilities of maintaining your infrastructure.

We specialise in bringing experienced, on-demand cloud expertise to businesses. We’ll help you plan, build and support your cloud environments to ensure you receive all the value and power that cloud technology has to offer.

What can cloud technology do for your business?

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Instant scalability to match the demands on your business

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Lean, efficient and powerful infrastructure for cost effective IT budgets

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Proactively monitored and managed 24/7 by cloud experts

Mobility and flexibility

Modern, on-demand delivery of your applications and desktops. Always available, always up to date and always backed up.


Cost-effective, on-demand testing and development environments to drive innovation, creativity and product improvement.

Cost effective hosting

Cloud is the perfect partner for eCommerce and website hosting. It’s instant, on-demand scalability matches supply with your demand.


Cloud backup services are cost effective, secure and automated. They fit effectively into DR plans to secure your business quickly and easily.

Agile IT budgets

Move away from costly capital expenditure and into a managed service model. Its secure, its scalable and its cost effective.

Efficient storage

Don’t let data costs eat away at your IT budget. Cost effective storage options are available to efficiently manage big data.

Lets create your cloud, on your terms, for your business


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TDM Group’s managed cloud

We’ve invested heavily in our own high-performance cloud infrastructure so that you don’t have to, simply select the cloud services that fit your requirements and enjoy the benefits. Meanwhile our cloud experts manage and monitor the infrastructure 24/7 365 days a year, constantly optimising performance an ensuring stability and high security standards.

It’s a cloud where high performance infrastructure, the highest reliability, and expert advice and service go hand-in-hand from day one. We provide an on-demand cloud that you can rely on to fulfil your business requirements. All at a fixed, monthly cost that you can easily predict and budget for.

A cloud environment that works - right from the start
All the power of the cloud without the pain of running it
Resources that can scale quickly without Capex expenditure
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Your own private cloud

Private clouds offer the all power, efficiency and features of a public cloud, but with the security, control and performance that comes with a dedicated environment.

But private clouds are complex to operate, they don’t manage themselves. They require experts who understand cloud architecture and know how to upgrade, patch, secure, monitor and scale a cloud environment to ensure optimised performance. They also require substantial investment and resource compared to public environments and IaaS models.

Our cloud experts can help you architect, build and manage your own private cloud. Ensuring that the IT investment you make is managed, controlled and delivering clear value back into the business.

Complete control over your own dedicated resources
Governance over your own security, your data and your processes
Ownership of every element of your infrastructure from location to components

A managed public cloud

Public cloud environments offer incredible economies of scale, allowing for new types of IT environments that maintain high performance levels with low cost, on demand consumption. But you still need expert management of these environments to get the true value from them.

With our managed public cloud services you’ll get what the commodity cloud providers don’t offer: architecture, engineering, administration and 24/7 support, all designed so that your applications and workloads run like they’re meant to – guaranteed.

New to public cloud or a seasoned professional? We can bespoke support and management packages that fit exactly with your needs and requirements.

All the cloud benefits without the management overhead
Expert cloud architecture and build services
24/7 monitoring and management services
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Amazon web services logo

Our managed AWS services are designed to deliver the low cost and scalability of these resources. Talented architects will design and build the streamline, cost-efficient AWS environment you require.

Combine this with our experienced, 24/7 AWS management and support to free you from running your infrastructure, allowing you to focus on what’s important to your business.

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Our managed MS Azure services take all the benefits of using Microsoft’s cloud platform and add in the 24/7 support and management you need to realise the true value of public cloud.

Whether you’re looking for a fully managed service or just someone to take on the maintenance while you concentrate on your core objectives, we can create the right package to release you from the overheads that come with cloud infrastructure.


Free Cloud Consultation

We can help you develop and execute a cloud strategy to drive not just savings, but revenue and growth. No cost, no obligation, just expert advice from cloud professionals.