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Gain agile, flexible and cost-effective global network connectivity

Your wide area network (WAN) is the backbone of your organisation. It must align with the evolving needs of your enterprise and be agile and stable as well, to avoid overloading your IT team and escalating network-related costs.

Furthermore, today’s global collaborative relationships with colleagues, partners and customers demand a new kind of corporate network, one that encompasses the extended enterprise.

 The case for SD-WAN

 The software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is the newest capability in the WAN sphere. It applies software-defined networking concepts to WAN connections, bringing benefits such as:

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Reduced costs

SD-WAN can connect your branches and data centres and optimise network performance for a lower cost than with other architectures, such as Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). As it’s software-based, deployment of the SD-WAN onto your current infrastructure is quick & easy.

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Accelerated adoption of cloud computing

IT teams responsible for branch-office productivity are driving the take-up of cloud services and they find that cloud services work better with SD-WAN, rather than with a closed network such as MPLS.

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Support for corporate agility and collaboration

While MPLS networks have traditionally worked well in connecting specific point-to-point locations, users in today’s offices and those working remotely need to have integrated access to the cloud as well as to on-premise applications.

Global Private Network
Over 99.99% Availability
Quality of service (Qos)
Cloud/Saas Connectivity
Built-in WAN Optimization
Built-in SD-WAN
Single Day Deployment
Instant Bandwidth Scaling

A Market on the move

The public internet does not effectively support the global delivery of modern applications. Unpredictable latency and congestion-based packet loss lengthen the average time for transferring a file between two locations, affecting the organisation’s agility. Variation in network performance and low reliability are significant issues when the race is on to communicate globally in real-time.

However, other connectivity technologies, such as MPLS, do not support optimised access to cloud services and software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based applications. They take too long to deploy, and are complex to manage.

The deficiencies inherent in the public internet and alternative connectivity technologies make SD-WAN such a compelling proposition. So much so that industry-watchers are envisaging huge take-up of SD-WAN in over the next few year.

IDC, for example, predicts that nearly half of all enterprises will be considering a migration to SD-WAN over the next 12 months, based on a survey conducted in the USA.

It’s important not to be left behind. Understanding the market – where it stands today and where it’s headed tomorrow – will help you to make better informed decisions about which solutions provide the highest ROI in terms of budget, ease of management, longevity and user experience.

SD WAN Market Predictions chart

One option is going the DIY route, and constructing your own SD-WAN using proprietary WAN management software which certainly can make the orchestration of network services easier at the branch.

However, it also entails managing multiple vendors and contracts and, for global enterprises, it can be difficult to integrate new branch offices or links.

In contrast, the SD-WAN that is delivered as a service or through the cloud avoids upfront outlay and minimises cost of ownership. Such a solution eliminates the high costs associated with MPLS and replaces them with predictable outgoings. It provides a stable yet flexible infrastructure with the high performance that business-critical applications need.

Enrich your business with fast connectivity, and a fully managed cloud-based network

An Aryaka solution from TDM Group provides increased control, greater agility and complete visibility in deploying, configuring, and managing network services.

Aryaka integrates the benefits of embedded network optimisation and application acceleration for cloud and on-premise environments with reliable, secure, and dedicated private connectivity into a single platform.

It eliminates the need for dedicated links that take months to provision. Instead, a cloud-delivered network enabled by Aryaka will be up and running in days, not months.

cloud based network

Business pain points solved with Aryaka

High MPLS costs
Jitter and packet loss
No WAN visibility
Poor VoIP quality
High latency slow cloud and SaaS-based application performance
Lengthy deployment and a time-consuming process for resource additions

Aryaka solutions are already in operation at over 7,000 sites in over 700 enterprises in 63 countries around the globe.

Instant provisioning and simple to manage –

Aryaka SD-WAN as-a-service

An Aryaka SD-WAN solution from TDM Group delivers benefits such as simplified network management, lower costs, improved user experience and higher productivity in a single vendor solution.

Improved global connectivity & built-in WAN optimisation-Aryaka SmartCONNECT

Aryaka’s global SD-WAN provides enterprise-grade connectivity and guarantees consistently fast performance for on-premise and SaaS-based applications.

  Up to 40x faster performance for on-premise, cloud and SaaS-based applications, especially in remote locations

  Stable and fast branch office network connectivity over Aryaka’s global network

  Deployment within days, as compared to MPLS, which takes months

Remote and mobile access for integrated collaboration – Aryaka SmartACCESS

Aryaka’s SmartACCESS is the first clientless SD-WAN to software-define remote access. It significantly enhances both on-premise and cloud/SaaS application performance for the remote and mobile workforce without requiring additional hardware or software clients.

To achieve this, Aryaka has integrated dynamic content delivery networking functionality into its SD-WAN offering. IT team makes one CNAME change to DNS records to route the traffic over Aryaka’s network, and that’s it. Because mobile users are routed over the Aryaka network to VPN concentrators, there is no requirement for companies to deploy concentrators all over the world.

  Accelerated SaaS application performance, on-premise and in the cloud

  Consistently fast access to data, voice and video globally, with fewer disconnects

  No additional software required – use the existing VPN client

  Simplified VPN infrastructure and enhanced remote access security

  Global deployment in hours

Dynamic web application optimisation and delivery – Aryaka SmartCDN

Aryaka’s Dynamic Content Delivery as-a-Service is the world’s only web acceleration solution built on a global private core network. This provides enterprises with blazing fast, consistent application performance that is immune to the vagaries of the public internet.

• A content delivery network for dynamic web applications:

       Fast delivery of SaaS and web applications, with guaranteed availability

       Deployment within hours, not days

       Content security and mitigation against distributed denial of service (DDoS)

• A content delivery network for dynamic IP applications:

       Up to 10x faster global delivery of centrally hosted IP-based applications

       Up to 100% uptime

       Rapid deployment