Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

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High performance, on demand IT Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) at your disposal

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)  is the IT resource that delivers exceptional performance, is managed on your behalf with minimal overhead to you and brings with it enterprise level security, resilience and scalability at all times.

Our cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) brings significant cost saving against traditional IT infrastructure models, removing up-front capital investment and the overheads of management and monitoring. Our IaaS runs invisibly behind the scenes, delivering the resources you need whenever you need them as you spend your time improving your business, not managing your IT infrastructure.

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Exceptional availability

By owning and managing our own data centre estate, we are able to offer outstanding and market-leading SLAs and 100% service uptime guarantees.

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Enterprise grade hardware

We partner with leading suppliers of hardware and cloud software to ensure our infrastructure is the most advanced and resilient as possible.

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Expert design & build

Our unique SmartZone design brings together exceptional  performance, resilience and security. All managed by our 24/7 SmartSupport service.

One monthly cost, a wide range of features and benefits

Scalable budgets

Servers and storage scale instantly up and down dependant on your demand, driving excellent ROI and efficiency from your budgets.

Resilience as standard

Built in resilience and redundancy means your data is always protected and backed up as standard with our service.

Always available

Your business critical systems will always have access to the resources they need for constant uptime and availability.

Instant action

Your projects or test environments can be started in hours rather than days or weeks and will only cost you the resources you use.

Transparent costs

Moving to a monthly operational expense brings transparent, predictable costs without heavy up-front capital investment.

Smart storage

A storage model that creates a tiered data hierarchy, employing different storage types for a more cost effective solution.

Resources in real time

Instant scalability and delivery of resources, you don’t have to wait on delivery, racking and configuration.

Secure and protected

Premium 24/7 data centre security, with professional access processes and protocols for the highest level of protection at all times.

Professional standards

The hardware, software and management processes used in our estate are reliably and dependably standardised to the highest level.

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Colocation services

Our global network of high performance data centre locations provides a cost effective solution to your own data centre ownership. We combine our own expert infrastructure design and management services with your choice of data centre locations and access.

Remove the overhead of constantly purchasing, deploying, scaling and managing your physical devices and the network within your data centre. Free up your time and resources to focus on your business priorities.

Highly secure environments with ISO 27001 certification
Over 100 city centre locations for ease of access
Focus on quality management with ISO 9001 certification
Managed fibre network, seamless connectivity between data centres
Carrier neutral for unrivalled connectivity
Access to major network operators, ISPs and exchanges

Access to over 100 global data centre locations

In each of these data centres we can offer a range of IaaS services including; colocation, connectivity, cloud and communications, depending on your business requirement.

TDM data center locations