Microsoft Azure


What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a public Cloud computing platform that enables your business to deploy and scale virtualised Windows desktops on-demand – allowing it to evolve with your requirements.

Microsoft Azure helps small and medium-sized enterprises to modernise their infrastructure by enabling them to move various workloads into the Cloud.

On-premises servers and software require a high level of maintenance from skilled workers, denting IT budgets and leading to potential labour shortages. Shifting to an IaaS model can free your IT staff to focus on more value-added activities.

What types of businesses need Microsoft Azure?

SMEs are turning to the Cloud to leverage scalable infrastructure and capabilities as services. This ability to move key workloads into the Cloud, or run them in hybrid environments, eliminates the burden of managing them in-house – and Microsoft Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) can help streamline the entire process to increase the productivity of your employees and provide advanced analytics.

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Is Microsoft Azure the right platform for your business?


Moving to the Cloud requires businesses to make the right technology investments at the right time on the right platforms to reduce cost, enhance security and improve performance. Our team of experienced engineers can help you implement a strategy that provides a clear direction for leveraging the Cloud to meet your business objectives.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, TDM Group’s experienced – and fully qualified – engineers can harness the associated benefits on your business’s behalf, to provide an added value Cloud service. Empowered by the best Cloud solutions for your business and 24/7 support, you can focus on achieving your objectives.

Microsoft Azure international data centres

Microsoft Azure global infrastructure comprises two key components: physical infrastructure and connective network components. With over 200 physical data centres arranged into regions with multi-layered protection, the physical component is linked by one of the largest interconnected networks in the world.

This global Microsoft Azure network ensures data centres provide high availability, low latency, scalability, and the latest advancements in Cloud infrastructure – all operating on the Microsoft Azure platform.


Working in unison, these components keep data ring-fenced within the trusted Microsoft network and IP traffic never enters the public internet.

Why Choose Microsoft Azure?


Usage as a Service:

A fully managed service from TDM Group guarantees that your organisation receives the maximum benefits from Microsoft Azure.


Microsoft Azure delivers efficiency across three key areas: speed of deployment, speed of operation and speed of scalability.

Disaster Recovery:

Microsoft Azure’s high-speed and geographically decentralised infrastructure ensures your critical applications and data will continue running, even when disaster strikes – so, you can guarantee continuous service delivery.


Microsoft Azure is a subscription-based service that is accessed on a flexible pay-as-you-go basis. Rather than signing an expensive long-term contract, your costs will be limited according to your usage during critical periods.

Rapid Deployment:

Microsoft Azure provides a robust cloud infrastructure that enables you to quickly launch a vast range of services and applications. Streamline your deployment process with Azure’s automated management features, allowing for immediate provisioning of resources without the need for upfront hardware investments.


With Azure’s global presence, scaling resources up or down to accommodate your business needs becomes seamless. Whether your demand spikes unexpectedly or you’re planning for growth, Azure’s flexible capacity can adjust dynamically, ensuring that you have the computing power you need, when you need it.

Is Microsoft secure?

Take advantage of multi-layered security and encryption protocols across physical data centres, infrastructure, and operations with cyber security experts actively monitoring to protect your business assets and data.

Microsoft’s comprehensive approach to security helps your business to keep identities secure, manage access across Microsoft Azure – or other Cloud platforms – and on-premises resources, and protect your cyber perimeter against internal and external threats.


Most Microsoft Azure services are deployed regionally and enable you to specify the region into which the service will be deployed. This global protection is complemented by a holistic approach to technology that provides the oversight and foresight needed to protect identities, data, applications, and devices.

All Microsoft Azure services can be deployed in compliance with GDPR. If you choose to transfer content containing personal data across borders, you must consider the legal requirements that apply within that region. Microsoft provides customers with services and resources to help them comply with GDPR requirements that may apply to their operations.