Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)


Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a Cloud-based IT model that bundles SD-WAN with network security functions into a single, global, Cloud service.

It provides a single network that connects and secures any enterprise resource – physical, Cloud, and mobile – anywhere.

SASE incorporates different technologies that embed security functions:

✓ Cloud web security gateway

✓ Firewall as a service

✓ Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) / Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

✓ Sandboxing

✓ Anti-malware

✓ Cloud access security broker (CASB)

Into the global network fabric:

✓  VPNs


✓ Zero-trust network access

✓ Remote access

✓ Quality of service (QOS)


Which ensures SASE is always available no matter where the user is, where the application or resource being accessed is, or what type of network technologies connects the user and the resource.

TDM Group partners with Cato Network
to deliver a true converged SASE service.

Cato is the world’s first SASE platform, converging SD-WAN and network security into a global Cloud service. Cato optimises and secures application access for all users and locations. Cato replaces legacy security products and network services with an agile and secure global network that is ready for whatever’s next.


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By using Cato, businesses can:

✓ Improve performance between global locations by using Cato’s affordable global private backbone vs the unpredictable internet or costly global MPLS.

✓ Provide direct, secure internet access to all branch locations and mobile users with Cato’s built-in security as a service and without deploying security point solutions.

✓ Easily migrate from MPLS to SD-WAN with Cato’s end-to-end network optimisation.

✓ Optimise and secure mobile users’ access with Cato Client or clientless access options to physical and Cloud data centres, and Cloud applications.

✓ Optimise and secure Cloud access with Cato’s agentless Cloud integration and the Cato global private backbone for any user, from anywhere and without using premium Cloud connectivity solutions like AWS DirectConnect and Microsoft ExpressRoute.

Cato Cloud: The world’s first SASE platform, converging SD-WAN and network security in the Cloud

Cato Cloud connects all enterprise network resources – including branch locations, the mobile workforce, and physical and Cloud datacentres – into a global and secure, Cloud-native network service. With all WAN and internet traffic consolidated in the Cloud, Cato applies a suite of security services to protect all traffic at all times.

Cato Cloud is comprised of the following pillars: a global private backbone to provide predictable connectivity everywhere; edge SD-WAN to manage multiple last-mile links and quality of service; security as a service stack to protect all traffic from locations and users; secure and optimised access to Cloud resources and mobile users; and a self-service management application.