Fractional & Interim CIO


Fractional & Interim CIO

A simple solution to harnessing the skills of board-level IT experts without the burden of a full-time salary.


What is a fractional & interim Chief Information Officer (CIO)?

A chief information officer (CIO) is the company executive responsible for the management, implementation and usability of information and computer technologies.

A fractional & interim CIO is an experienced, senior technology executive who performs the role part-time for organisations – typically small and medium enterprises (SMEs) – that are in a position to start scaling their business.

How can a fractional & interim CIO help your organisation?

Using their experience, leadership skills and vision a fractional & interim CIO will work closely with your entire business – not just the IT department – to consider the interactions of people at every stage of the IT process.

This provides the foundation for them to work in partnership with you to develop a digital strategy that aligns with your business, allowing you to leverage technology that helps you achieve your goals.


A fractional & interim CIO that adopts a holistic approach to technology can provide your business with compelling, enterprise-wide benefits:

✓ Achieve KPIs

✓  Thought leadership

✓ Budget optimisation

✓ Closes leadership gaps

✓ Ongoing strategic guidance

✓ Collaborates with company leadership

✓  Develops, coaches and mentors IT staff

Technology development and optimisation

✓  Reduced overheads compared to a full-time CIO

✓  Offers an unbiased perspective on your business processes

✓  Establishes technology best practices to keep you compliant

✓  Offers a competitive advantage by identifying outdated systems

When should my business consider a fractional & interim CIO?

SMEs rely on technology to operate and grow in today’s dynamic business environment. To harness its true potential requires the necessary resources and experience – something businesses of this size sometimes lack.

This growth is typically achieved through digital transformation –  a rethinking of how an organisation uses technology, people and processes to improve business models. This is an essential process for any business that wants to remain competitive in today’s dynamic digital economy – but it requires collaboration between C-suite and the rest of the business for it to be success.

These technology requirements expose SMEs to a range of challenges that a fractional & interim CIO is well-placed to address:

A gap in IT expertise

Budgetary constraints

Lack of strategic vision and leadership

Uncertainty about the direction of technology

Concerns about security posture and vulnerabilities

Contact us if you are looking for a fractional & interim CIO:

Our fractional & interim CIO service

If you think your business would benefit from working with a fractional & interim CIO, partner with TDM Group. Our experts augment technical know-how with strong business acumen, allowing them to work in partnership with you to harness the power of technology to drive growth.

Your fractional & interim CIO will be a strategic thinker and strong communicator who’s capable of aligning with your culture and guiding your business through operational changes toward defined commercial goals.

Our fractional & interim CIOs are part of the TDM Group team, providing you with access to an extended pool of expertise across businesses and verticals.

Our goal is to build relationships with mid-market clients that are willing to look beyond IT support and embrace working at the business level – allowing us to add value to their operations and drive their business forward.

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