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Fractional & Interim CISO

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What is a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)?

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a senior-level executive responsible for protecting your data and information processes from internal and external threats.

The modern CISO is not just a member of the IT department; their role has evolved into a strategic business leader who integrates at all levels of the organisation – including, planning and implementing your business’s IT security strategy.

Who do they work with?

The CISO typically works closely with the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and/or the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in the pursuit of common goals.

They report directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This allows them to communicate potential risks to the organisation, mitigate potential risks and foster greater security awareness.


Role of the modern CISO: how they can help your business

The dynamic risk landscape exposes businesses to reputational damage, risk of financial loss, reduction in shareholder value, legal action and potential fines – making the CISO role more crucial than ever.


To keep pace with these threats, a gradual shift has taken place for the modern CISO – from a traditional technical approach to information security to a more business-focused, risk management mindset.

The modern CISO’s ability to monitor, mitigate and respond to cyber threats, while meeting compliance requirements, is dependent on soft skills such as communication as much as hands-on technical experience.

This leadership is crucial, not just from a risk control perspective, but to achieve value creation. They can build digital trust across your business and provide clients with the protection and privacy they demand by securing transactions and data.

Their responsibilities will underpin your IT security strategy:

Responding to data breaches and other security incidents

Collaborating with executives across the organisation to align security initiatives with business objectives

Anticipating, assessing and actively managing new and emerging threats

Mitigating the risks security threats pose to the business’s mission and goals

Security and risk management

Threats to your business are sophisticated and constantly evolving. A fractional & interim CISO provides a proactive layer in the fight against cybercrime – and other risks. This includes:

Security and risk analysis

Your fractional & interim CISO will provide expert threat analysis, comprehensive audit and review procedures and supported solutions to manage your business’s risk exposure.

Business availability

Having reviewed, audited, and analysed your business and its threat landscape, your fractional & interim CISO will support you through the lifecycle of your business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.

Policy and procedure

Your fractional & interim CISO will deliver the framework and process you need to effectively manage BYOD, shadow IT, network access and much more.

Full-time vs. fractional & interim CISO

This dedicated information security executive provides a vital layer of protection against the constantly evolving threat of cybercrime. However, a mid-market business may lack the resources to add a full-time C-level position to the wage bill.

For many businesses – particularly SMEs – the benefits of fractional & interim CISO functions are compelling:


Experienced information/cybersecurity executives are highly sought-after, often commanding a six-figure C-level salary. Fractional & Interim CISO services offers considerable cost savings over hiring a full-time officer – financial resources that could be used to implement proactive security controls and build a business-wide cybersecurity culture.


A fractional & interim CISO’s diverse experience across businesses and industries allows them to develop an in-depth understanding of the current techniques used to commit, and controls used to mitigate, cybercrime – all of which can be used to establish a proactive security strategy.

Staff turnover

Fractional & Interim CISO function limits staff turnover in the role, ensuring a consistent approach to information security that delivers meaningful results.

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