IT Strategy and Consultancy Services


IT Strategy and Consultancy Services

Our consultants have vast managerial and technical experience to help drive your business to new phases of productivity and profitability.


SMEs’ reliance on technology to operate and grow in today’s dynamic business environment means it’s inextricably linked to the achievement of strategic goals. For this to be a success, businesses must align their IT strategy with these goals.

This requires a depth of knowledge that combines technical know-how with business acumen, ensuring the impact of technology is considered holistically. The process of bridging this gap between technology and the business can be overwhelming for SMEs to handle alone.

From the security of user data and implementing a disaster recovery plan to leveraging the Cloud – there are many things to consider. The unique nature of each business means there’s not a prescribed approach to managing these technology requirements – bringing a bespoke IT strategy and consultancy services into sharp focus for senior decision-makers.

How can IT strategy and consultancy services help your business?


From one-off projects to ongoing access to a full range of solutions, IT strategy and consultancy services can be tailored to your business’s objectives – helping you to define your goals, identify barriers to success and harness strategic planning and consulting.

This bespoke advice can underpin IT system changes that support your future growth plans and optimise your IT strategy – helping your business to thrive. Your consultant will work in partnership with you to ensure your technology projects run smoothly and with minimal downtime for users – improving your business efficiency and reducing costs.

When should my business consider IT strategy and consultancy services?


Businesses face many technology-related challenges – both large and small. Our consultants can use their knowledge and experience to help identify, overcome and prevent them.

From injecting creative thinking and harnessing industry best practices to making risk-informed decisions and scaling up to a global environment, our consultants can use their expertise to help your business achieve innovation and success.

Benefits of IT strategy and consultancy services


Focus on core business functions:

An IT strategy and consultancy service allows your employees to focus on what they do best, improving your bottom line.

Cost savings:

Maintaining an in-house IT department and infrastructure is expensive. IT strategy and consultancy services allows you to only pay for the services and resources you require.

Experience and expertise:

IT is constantly evolving. Keeping pace with this ever-changing landscape is time-consuming and expensive. Our consultants have the experience to identify and implement a solution that will fit your requirements.

Implement IT into your business strategy:

IT departments are traditionally viewed as a support function, not a business enabler. Our consultants can help you make informed decisions that harness technology to drive your business forward.

Improved security:

Cybercrime is a prevalent, critical and constantly evolving threat. Our consultants can conduct network assessments to identify possible vulnerabilities, establish data security protocols, and develop a disaster recovery solution. They can also empower your employees to identify potentially dangerous threats.

Our IT strategy and consultancy services

Without a comprehensive understanding of technology, it’s difficult to harness its power to act as a business enabler. Don’t be encumbered by this technology knowledge gap, empower yourself with the clarity needed to understand the options available to you.

Our IT strategy and consultancy service combines deep technical knowledge with a strong commercial awareness of how technology can impact your business. Depending on your requirements, this might involve project-based initiatives that focus on specific areas of the business or a holistic strategy that drives future IT investment and road mapping.

A modern IT department should enable every business function. Our professional consultancy can help you optimise technology’s ability to support these functions and create positive business change, by leveraging key requirements:

✓ Network security

✓ Business continuity

✓ Data management

✓ Managed Cloud deployments

✓ Hardware and software projects

✓ Communication and collaboration

Why choose TDM Group

Using our key strategy and consultancy services, we can help you refocus your IT department, so it supports your business goals:

Technical consultancyTechnical consultancy:
Our technical specialists and network of leading providers give you access to expert knowledge of current and future technologies.

Strategy and planningStrategy and planning:
Optimise your department with budget analysis, investment planning, supplier assessment and IT road mapping.

Professional IT governanceProfessional IT governance:
Professional processes and governance that enable your department to deal with growth, expansion and changing demands.

Business strategy and consultancyBusiness strategy and consultancy:
Our business consultants can fill in-house knowledge gaps by providing independent expertise to guide organisational and operational restructuring.

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