IT Strategy and Consultancy

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Optimise the way you deliver IT

Without a comprehensive understanding of technology, it’s difficult to make it work hard for your business. With a wealth of options available to you, but a finite budget, where should you invest to improve your business? 

Our IT strategy and consultancy combines deep technical knowledge, with a strong commercial awareness of how technology can directly impact productivity and revenue. This could take the form of project-based initiatives that focus on specific areas of the business, or holistic strategy that drives future IT investment and road mapping.

A modern IT department enables or supports every other business function. Our professional consultancy can help you optimise your ability to deliver to these functions in areas such as improved infrastructure management, reliable and available business application delivery, network security, managed cloud deployments or end user technology support.

We can help you focus your IT department and the application of its resources to better service your business.

We specialise in adding value to your business, filling the gaps where risk and requirement exist


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Technical consultancy

Our technical specialists and network of leading providers gives you access to expert knowledge of current and future technologies.

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Strategy and planning

We can help you optimise your department with budget analysis, investment planning, supplier assessment and IT roadmapping.

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Professional IT governance

Bring in professional processes and governance to enable your department to deal with growth, expansion and changing demands.

Consultancy that creates positive business change


Data management

Ensure your storage is efficient, cost effective and compliant. We deliver highly effective data management initiatives.

Hardware and software projects

Keep your IT current and your business tools up-to-date with controlled and managed migration programmes.

Business continuity

Does your IT offer resilience and protection to your business? We provide expert advice and proven processes against critical incidents.

Communication and collaboration

Bring improved productivity to your business with collaboration tools, intranet deployments and social applications.

Network security

Ensure your business is protected against intrusion, theft and malicious attack with expert advice from network security specialists.

Managed cloud deployments

How does cloud technology fit into your business? Bring in the experts to leverage its incredible economy and efficiency.