Advanced Security Intelligence


Innovative digital technologies are supposed to act as a business enabler, not open the back door to cybercriminals intent on compromising critical assets and confidential information.

Thankfully TDM Group has the key to keep them locked out. Our Advanced Security Intelligence is a specialist detection and response package that’s designed to build cyber-resilience by inspecting your network, analysing the results and providing critical reporting.

Key Features

vulnerability-scan-iconVulnerability Scanning

Continuous automated scans of internal and external computer networks and your cloud environments to identify and analyse technical security vulnerabilities that can expose your organisation to cyber-attacks.

TDM Group conducts three vital types of vulnerability scan:


Detects issues that potentially exist within the corporate firewall e.g. weak user credentials and unpatched software.


Detects potential vulnerabilities by focusing on externally-facing IP addresses e.g. open ports & application-level weaknesses.


Detects and assesses every asset across your cloud environments, allowing you to remediate and measure weaknesses in your cloud security programme.

Monthly-KPI-report-iconKPI Dashboard for C-Level Executives

The dashboard will detail all vulnerabilities observed during the engagement, assess the risk of any weaknesses identified and outline recommendations for further action.

Business Benefits

First BenefitIdentifies gaps in network security architecture, enabling proactive action to be taken to address vulnerabilities before they’re exploited.

Second BenefitReveals vulnerabilities that automated scans alone are unable to uncover.

Third BenefitReduces the amount of time it takes to detect and respond to security vulnerabilities.

Fourth BenefitInforms decision making around complex security vulnerabilities.

Fifth BenefitEnables C-level executives to prioritise the remediation of security weaknesses.

Sixth BenefitProvides data, recommendations and support designed to remedy and reduce risk exposure.

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