Incapsula DDoS Mitigation and WAF

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Always-on Website Protection and Acceleration to Safeguard Critical Assets from Cybercrime

Safeguard your online presence and optimise the performance of your web-based operations

Your website is one of the most critical components of your online commercial success. Whether you’re running a small e-commerce business or manage the IT operations of a large enterprise, protecting web applications and server infrastructures is no longer optional; it’s a must.

Prepare for the next attack

Take steps to protect your web-based operations round the clock: talk to TDM Group. To improve the security and performance of our client’s websites, we deploy Incapsula solutions from Imperva, a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for web application firewalls for four consecutive years.

Using these solutions, we can help you to simplify your IT operations and reduce costs by consolidating multiple services and appliances into a single enterprise-grade cloud service. We’ll equip you with powerful tools that go beyond the capabilities of on-premise solutions.

Incapsula includes a best-of-breed web application firewall, comprehensive DDoS protection, a global content delivery network, and an application level load balancer, which are available as standalone services or as an integrated solution.

In Q2 2017, Turkey generated over 800 million attack requests – more than double the previous quarter

The combined attack output of Ukraine and India was up around 75% on Q1

China retained its top spot, as the origin of 63% of DDoS during Q2 2017 and home to over 306,000 attacking devices

75.8% of victims were attacked more than once

Source: Global DDoS Threat Landscape Report – a statistical analysis of more than 15,000 network and application layer DDoS attacks mitigated by Imperva Incapsula during Q2 2017.

Making any website safer, faster and more reliable

DDoS Protection

Incapsula DDoS protection quickly mitigates any size of attack without obstructing legitimate traffic or increasing latency. Multiple DDoS protection options meet your exact needs, including website security, nameserver DDoS protection and infrastructure DDoS protection.

DDoS Protection

Website Security

Incapsula protects your websites and web applications with an enterprise-class web application firewall, enhanced by advanced bot protection and backdoor shell detection services. Application access control is supported by two-factor authentication and ingress traffic management.

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Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The Incapsula CDN is a global network that uses intelligent caching and cache control options, as well as high-speed storage and optimisation tools to improve your website performance while lowering bandwidth costs. On average, websites using the Incapsula CDN are 50% faster and consume up to 70% less bandwidth.

Content Delivery Network CDN

Load Balancer

The Incapsula Load Balancer-as-a-Service (LBaaS) meets the demands of large organisations, supporting high availability in-datacentre and cross-datacentre.

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