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Integrated Security, Email Continuity and Archiving with Mimecast

Manage the risks inherent in email with targeted threat protection, archiving and continuity – all in an integrated service

Be cyber resilient!

With over 112 billion messages sent every day, email remains the number one form of business communication. The valuable corporate information stored in email means productivity plummets in the wake of an attack or hacking episode.

However, you host email – with a cloud solution such as Microsoft 365, on-premise, or using a mix of both – you must secure your business and employees against malicious links, attachments and payload-less attacks. Employees need to be able to find information in their mailboxes quickly and in compliance with statutory requirements, and keep on working through planned or unplanned server outages.

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Email Security

Mimecast extends traditional gateway security to defend against the three most common threats: phishing, malicious links in emails and weaponised attachments.

Real-time scanning and blocking of suspect websites and attachment sandboxing prevent the inadvertent downloading of malware. Spoofed emails requesting financial transactions or sensitive information are also blocked.

Mimecast reinforces your security policies and engages employees in assessing risk. It monitors outbound traffic in real-time, enabling responsive data leak prevention and content control.

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Using multiple collection points, Mimecast retains the original email, detailed metadata, including email recipients and delivery date/time, with a copy of any emails changed according to company policy.

Using flexible e-discovery tools, administrators can respond quickly to litigation or other requests. Employees can search all inbound, outbound and internal email, within an industry-leading seven-second timeframe.

Backup protects email against data loss, technical failure or malicious intent, in line with best practice.

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Mimecast steps in to maintain email delivery during planned and unplanned outages. Through a single web console, administrators remain in control during a downtime event, while upholding all inbound and outbound security policies.

Mimecast goes beyond just spooling email with an Outlook plug-in. Users have uninterrupted access to live and historical email, and their calendar and contacts, during downtime, whether they are in the office or working remotely.

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Easy Administration

Mimecast instantly reduces administration, with no on-premise equipment to maintain and a single support provider. As a SaaS solution, the platform is the perfect complement to cloud-hosted or on-premise email solutions.

Administrators gain fine-grained control: their web console integrates all services, including advanced inbound routing for hybrid and complex environments, and creates a real-time view of all SMTP connections and rejections.

With dashboards and rich reporting, administrators can quickly zero in on issues and modify policies to stay ahead of potential risks.

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Add-ons Include

Legacy archive data management: Rapidly search legacy email, mailbox and PST data in a single integrated cloud archive
Large file send: Send and receive large files up to 2GB
Secure messaging: Share sensitive information without the need for additional hardware and software for either sender or recipient
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Key Benefits

Comprehensive email security, including protection from malware-less social engineering attacks, weaponised attachments and malicious URLs
Highly secure and resilient permanent email archive – offsite and cloud-based
Continuity service with RPO/RTO close to zero and 100% availability
Full email and attachment scanning to control or block the sending of sensitive information
All features managed through a single web-based console
Mimecast plug-in for Outlook™ and apps available for iOS™, Android™, Windows Phone and BlackBerry mobile devices

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