Security and Risk Management

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How protected is your business? How secure is your infrastructure?

The security of your business is paramount and IT is best placed to deliver effective solutions to the ever-increasing number of risks from malicious cyber-crime, data leakage, shadow IT and infrastructure vulnerabilities.

Security solutions can be complex and multi-faceted, encompassing a range of technologies, processes and areas of business. You need specialist knowledge, extensive relationships with the best technology providers and the expertise and understanding that comes with decades of experience.

For many businesses, assembling this kind of solution is too costly, resource-heavy and impractical to do internally. We solve this problem by providing security and risk management solutions to the threats faced by thousands of businesses around the world.

We provide you with complete support, starting by reviewing, auditing and analysing your business and the landscape of threats that exist. From this we take you through the planning stage into deployment, and then support you through the lifecycle of your solution. All backed by our dedicated 24/7 SmartSupport team and our expert consultants, technical architects and product specialists.

In a world where threats to your business can come from anywhere, we provide protection unique to your requirements

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Security and risk analysis

We provide expert threat analysis, comprehensive audit and review procedures and supported solutions to manage risk to your business.

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Business availability

Our business continuity and disaster recovery solutions ensure your business has the resilience it needs from it’s IT infrastructure.

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Policy and procedure

Our expertise delivers the framework and process you need to effectively manage BYOD, shadow IT, network access and much more.

Comprehensive security management against threats to your business

Data security

Risks to your valuable data can come from competitors, unwitting employees, or even whole departments. If its out of your control its a threat to your business.

Compliance and governance risk

 Threats can arise internally if you are unaware of compliance issues, data integrity or security policies that can impact your ability to do business.

Malicious cybercrime

Hacking, malware and firewall attack are no longer reserved for big brands and corporations. Modern cyber attacks can be unwarranted, indiscriminate and unforgiving.

Network failure and breaches

Control and visibility of your network is key, ensuring only managed access to data, business applications and internal resources.

Infrastructure resilience

IT environments are complex, layered and stretch out across the business. Failures here can have far-reaching effects on the resilience and integrity of your business.

Mobile device management

Ensure your company devices don’t become individual risks and that your users remain flexible with managed BYOD technologies and procedures.