Zscaler Web Security


Legacy network security is not fit for purpose in the modern Cloud-first world. Within this environment, mobile users access the web and Cloud applications from anywhere – and demand rapid access to do so. This leaves them exposed to sophisticated threats – ransomware, zero-day malware, and advanced attacks – that firewall appliances and VMs in the Cloud are unable to keep pace with.

Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) empowers your business with safe, fast internet and SaaS access via a comprehensive Cloud-native SSE platform.

How Zcaler internet access works?

ZIA replaces legacy network security solutions to eliminate advanced attacks and prevent data loss – reducing the cost and complexity of traditional secure web gateway approaches.

Delivered as a scalable SaaS platform from the world’s largest security Cloud, organisations can scale their protection regardless of location and minimise network and appliance infrastructure, while users benefit from a faster experience.


Contact us to get the full benefit of Zscaler web security:


✓ Compliance enforcement

✓ Instant, Cloud-wide updates

✓ Protects against data exfiltration

✓ Eliminates zero-day malware infections

✓ Comprehensive remote location protection

✓ In-depth reporting, security analytics and investigative capabilities from a single point of oversight

✓ Protects all internet traffic for all users on all devices

✓ SSL inspection prevents threats and data leaks in encrypted traffic

✓ Provides visibility of internet usage by user, location, and application

✓ By removing the administration of appliance boxes operating expenses are reduced



Cloud Secure Web Gateway (SWG):

A safe, fast web experience that prevents ransomware, malware, and other advanced attacks using real-time, AI-powered analysis and URL filtering.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB):

Secure Cloud apps with integrated CASB that secures data, eliminates threats, and ensures compliance across SaaS and IaaS environments.

Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP):

Protect data with full inline inspection, including Exact Data Match (EDM), Indexed Document Matching (IDM), and machine learning.

Cloud firewall and IPS:

Extend industry-leading protection for all ports and protocols and replace edge and branch firewalls with a Cloud-native platform.

Cloud Sandbox:

Prevent new malware in line with shared protections.