Your Free Cloud Consultation

Managed Cloud Services

What does the Cloud Consultation do?

  • Identifies areas of your infrastructure where cloud technology could bring new efficiencies
  • Showcases how managed cloud services can save cost as part of your IT estate
  • Brings you real examples of how our customers have benefited from cloud deployments to support their applications, their storage requirements or their backup and DR processes
  • Offers advice on how cloud technology can bring a broader picture of agility, efficiency and high performance to your IT function

Questions it can help answer for you…

  • What exactly can cloud technology offer my business?
  • What parts of my IT infrastructure are best placed for the movement to cloud infrastructure?
  • Are there security risks in the cloud?
  • Who else is using cloud technology and what for?
  • Am I missing out on opportunities for my department or business by not integrating cloud?
  • Why is cloud technology always associated with cost saving? Can it make my budgets leaner and more agile without losing performance?

We can also offer focused services on other specific areas of your IT:

  • IT Audit – security and compliance are key issues facing many businesses today. We can test the security of your network and propose additional security and resilience measures that can protect your business.
  • IT Road-mapping – Looking to bring IT in-line with the wider objectives of the business? Want IT to support future business change and improvement? Our Professional Services Team can advise on IT projects and business change that can achieve your objectives, as well as bring insight and experience to budgets and future IT investments.


No cost, no obligation, just free advice from IT experts*

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