About us

Making IT possible

Since the company’s formation in 1997, TDM Group has experienced strong, organic growth: in its workforce, customer base and breadth of services. This growth has been founded on a solid reputation for providing expert managed IT solutions and services that bring exceptional value to our customers.

We are headquartered in the centre of London, continuing to develop the company’s established business presence in the UK. As well as this, our offices in Jordan and Dubai bring our expert consultancy and services to new EMEA customers and growth areas. As the IT managed services market grows and develops worldwide, TDM Group is well placed to support both the established western IT industries as well as newly emerging and expanding global markets.

We are committed to providing our customers with focused IT services and consultancy that enables them to improve, expand and succeed in their marketplace. By delivering on these commitments we enhance our reputation, grow hand in hand with our customers and achieve strong, sustainable growth as a business and as an employer.

Our company culture

Our company is powered by the values we hold, it is our responsibility to apply these every day to ensure we continue to grow and develop responsibly and ethically.

As a company and as individuals, we value:

  • A universal and multi-cultural working environment that empowers employees
  • Fully supported and satisfied customers and stakeholders
  • Great ideas that are allowed to flourish through respect and collaboration
  • Professionalism, pride in our work and a passion for customers
  • A commitment to always improve, no matter the challenge
  • Accountability to customers, employees and partners

Customer service charter

Every employee is an important part of the company and at every level they are accountable to the customer. Our employees are encouraged, trained and fully supported in order to provide the best possible service.

Our employees are expected to follow these principles, that prioritise the customer and will help deliver a professional and expert service.

  • Communicate clearly – with the customer, with your colleagues and with other departments
  • Take responsibility – for every customer, for your work, for your department and for the company
  • Be responsive – perform to the same level you would expect as a customer, always aim to exceed expectations
  • Be effective – always aim to get it right first time and always seek to learn from your mistakes
  • Be open to change, to constructive criticism, to new ways of working, thinking and improving yourself
  • Be professional and maintain the company standard of respect, friendliness, enthusiasm and politeness