ATEO Case Study

How TDM Group supports ATEO Finance’s global growth in the finance industry with high performance cloud hosting


Company profile

The world’s leading banks, trading houses and professional traders have been relying on ATEO Finance technology to cut trade processing costs and reduce risk since the company was established in 2000. The company’s products include the LISA clearing engine, a matching and clearing platform, and TEO Derivatives, an electronic order management system used by brokers to allocate trades. ATEO’s employees work out of offices in New York, Chicago, London, Paris, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Global coverage & industry expertise

ATEO has been a TDM Group customer since 2012. The relationship was formed when a client in the UK requested a hosted solution with a different requirement from the one ATEO had previously been using.

ATEO’s incumbent hosting partner could only offer coverage for North America.

In seeking a new hosting partner, Managing Director David Romeo explains what led to the choice of TDM Group,

“Our client had to have their data stored in the UK. We were recommended by another client to take a look at TDM Group and we found that they could provide a secure, resilient global service.

Other points in their favour were that they proposed a competitively priced solution and already had clients in the financial sector so they understood our industry.”

How TDM Group supports

Reliable and secure hosting

Successfully meeting the high levels of reliability and compliance demanded by the financial sector

Supporting global growth
A technology partner who can support ATEO’s growing global client base

Understanding of the finance industry
Technical expertise combined with industry knowledge and experience

Bespoke solution
Flexible service and solution to meet specific hosting requirements

Improve performance with M-BiTS

Fully hosted – fully connected

Demand has grown from ATEO clients for a fully hosted service as they increasingly prefer to access the company’s products as software-as-a-service, divesting themselves of the cost and effort of managing in-house infrastructure. The number of virtual machines monitored and managed by TDM Group on behalf of ATEO and its clients has more than doubled and continues to rise in line with growing demand.

ATEO Technical Director Simon Leclercq comments, “Being able to offer our clients a ‘white labelled’ hosting service was a new venture for us and it’s true to say that we’ve learnt a lot from working with TDM Group and having their feedback. Reliability and performance are key, as our clients depend absolutely on the systems that are the lifeblood of their business. We can guarantee the quality of infrastructure available to our clients with TDM Group’s involvement. They also have the agility to respond quickly to changing business needs and to fulfil clients’ individual requirements, such as meeting specific networking considerations.”

David Romeo observes, “In the same way that we are committed to offering innovative, reliable solutions to our clients that free them to focus on their core business, we rely on TDM Group for flexible and knowledgeable hosting services and support behind the scenes. This frees us to concentrate on our mission of developing and tailoring solutions for the banking and finance industry.”

“It’s quite simple really…with TDM Group’s help, we’re able to meet clients’ needs with new services and a new way of working.”

David Romeo, Managing Director, ATEO Finance

Reaching new markets

A major element of ATEO’s offering to clients is the ability to incorporate third-party feeds into a single solution.

A new client for the hosting environment recently required hardware for the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) derivatives feed to be hosted and TDM Group was able to accommodate this within one of its London data centres.

Simon Leclercq notes, “Being able to connect within the TDM Group data centre was essential to offering the client an integrated solution. I’m sure with another hosting provider this would have been much more difficult and complicated to achieve and it’s a good example of how TDM Group will always find a way to help us. Thanks to this connectivity, we’re able to connect our clients to the different exchanges around the world for banking and financial services.”

David Romeo is clear about TDM Group’s added value: “It’s quite simple really: more and more ATEO clients across the world are demanding a fully hosted service, from hardware to connectivity.

With TDM Group’s help, we’re able to meet clients’ needs with new services and a new way of working.”

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