Managed Business IT Service (M-BiTS)

Improve performance with Managed Business IT Service

Technology+People+Business=SuccessTechnology has the power to deliver greater efficiency and create new competitive advantages for businesses. The challenge is often finding a partner that recognises there’s more to managing IT and digital transformations than just technology – one that looks beyond the IT department to harness its true potential.

Our Managed Business IT Service (M-BiTS) provides a holistic approach to managing and implementing IT that considers the impact technology has on the entire organisation. This enables us to deliver relevant IT services within the context of your business – not just from a technology perspective – and enhance the way you work.

Why TDM Group adopted a holistic approach to IT

Our adoption of a holistic approach to IT was born out of our own experiences and the hurdles we had to overcome as we grew. To cope with the increased workload that came with our success, we created new departments. However, the interactions within this new structure changed how we delivered our services.

Yes, we were still a great technology company, but there was something missing that was preventing us from helping our partners achieve their goals efficiently. We quickly realised that we needed to look beyond technology and consider our partners entire business when managing IT and delivering innovative change.

This set us on a path to understanding the vital business elements we should focus on alongside technology and the interactions between them – a journey that led us to people, process and data.

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How our holistic approach to IT works

People are a business’s most important asset.

Whether you’re engaging with existing IT systems or exploring new ones, our business-focused services consider the interactions of people with the other key elements of successful innovation:

Data, Process, Technology.

We recognise that each element is underpinned by people, and a good relationship must be maintained between them to
manage IT effectively and deliver innovative change.


Improve confidence in IT with a Managed Business IT Service

Unfortunately, attitudes towards an IT department are often negative: they’re viewed as the gatekeepers of technology, with the power to de-rail projects or add unwanted delay to positive business change.

Through our holistic approach to managing technology, we can empower your IT function to support the entire business in achieving its goals; triggering a cycle of success that has people and the business – not just technology – at its core.

Stability, security and reliability

A solid foundation of IT services is invaluable. Unfortunately, many businesses struggle to achieve the stability, security and reliability that’s required to harness their full potential.

Our Managed Business IT Service (M-BiTS) enables us to work in partnership with you to identify potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities within your organisation – not just in terms of technology, but people process and data as well. This holistic outlook allows us to provide business-focused advice around resolving these pain points, together with the support you need to implement the necessary changes.

Wave goodbye to pain points with a Managed Business IT Service

Our Managed Business IT Service (M-BiTS) does more than just address typical IT-related pain points – from unsupported users and unsupported devices to neglected networks and data concerns – they help you to use technology as a business enabler.

Cost-CentreCost Centre

Is IT an essential department that doesn’t directly add to profit but still costs the business money to operate?

Business-GrowthBusiness Growth

Are you unable to harness the power of technology to generate more business and ultimately profit?

Business-StrategyBusiness Strategy

Are you struggling to align your IT requirements with your business strategy?

Business-ChangeBusiness Change

Do you lack the holistic approach required to successfully deliver new IT initiatives and projects?

Wasted-MoneyWasted Money

Are you concerned about bloated IT budgets and want to find new cost efficiencies?

What is the meaning of Managed Business IT Service (M-BiTS)?

A Managed Business IT Service (M-BiTS) uses a holistic approach to managing IT operations and implementing innovative change that considers the impact technology has on the entire organisation.

What are the benefits of a Managed Business IT Service (M-BiTS)?

With people at its core, a managed business IT service (M-BiTS) approach can facilitate a comprehensive strategy that delivers relevant IT services within the context of your business – not just from a technology perspective – and enhance the way you work.

How to choose the right Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

Choosing a managed service provider (MSP) is a long-term investment that requires careful consideration of the options available before the right decision can be made. Take the time to:
• Ensure cultural compatibility
• Define your business’s goals and understand how IT can support them
• Review each MSPs credentials and track record
• Review each MSPs ability to integrate with your business
• Review each MSPs ability to innovate
• Assess each MSPs reporting functions

What is the difference between M-BiTS and MSP?

Broadly speaking an MSP is an outsourced third-party company that manages and assumes the responsibility of a defined set of day-to-day management services for its customers. Despite adding value to the daily operation of the IT department, this approach might prevent them from harnessing its potential to act as a business enabler.

A Managed Business IT Service (M-BiTS) augments the traditional MSP offering with a business mindset. This forward-thinking philosophy facilitates the implementation of organisational change that adds business value – without losing sight of the need to support IT services that facilitate existing business processes.