Microsoft 365


The office you know and the tools you need delivered anywhere.

Microsoft 365 is the latest incarnation of one of the world’s most popular business tools – taking well-known applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint and securely packaging them together with new bundles of cloud-based security and collaboration tools that add value.

The Microsoft 365 security centre allows you to monitor and manage security across your Microsoft identities, data, devices, apps and infrastructure via a unified infrastructure security management system.

This ‘office-in-a-box’ solution can be delivered to your users anywhere, anytime and on any platform – PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets – allowing you to deploy this vital technology within the context of your business.

Microsoft 365 is licensed as a subscription service that offers a wide selection of packages that can be tailored to your requirements and budget – allowing you to benefit from a scalable cost model, flexible implementation and functionality that adds real value to your business.

TDM Group - Microsoft 365 Questions

At TDM Group we have been helping our partners to answer these common questions and harness the power of Microsoft tools to act as a business enabler for over two decades – we’ve been a Gold Microsoft Partner since 2009.

From communication and collaboration to productivity and cost control, we understand how Microsoft 365 can add real value to important aspects of your business, without compromising security.

Do you have Microsoft 365?

Customising Microsoft 365 to match your business requirements – not just your IT requirements – and integrating it with your other systems.

Optimising Microsoft 365 to realise its true potential to act as a business enabler and ensuring you follow best practices.

Setting up Microsoft 365 to ensure your business is secured.

Upgrading to Microsoft 365?

Expert holistic advice on the specific features and benefits relevant to your business.

Clear migration or upgrade plans to ensure a smooth path for your business.

Expert support, troubleshooting and problem management for your users once live.


Access Files Anywhere

Access to cloud-based storage means files can be accessed on any device, from any location, with an internet connection.

Secure Cloud Storage

Ensures a secure environment with robust security measures in place, like two-factor authentication, threat detection and anti-malware.

Improved Communication

Provides users with tools to keep communication centralised and straightforward: Skype, Outlook, Teams and Yammer.

Predictable Spend

Pay on a per user, per month subscription basis. The cost of your licences depends on the level of functionality you choose for your business.

Automatic upgrades

Performed automatically at predetermined intervals, so you don’t have to worry about being on the latest version – that will happen automatically.

Centralised Collaboration

Lets you share mailboxes, calendars, contacts and edit documents in real time through collaborative tools.

Business Continuity

With files stored in the cloud and regularly backed up, business continuity is guaranteed.

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